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New Colors Here or Coming - Hooded Blankets, Extreme Blankets, Ponchos, Silky Throws May 21, 2018 13:44

Team colors. New binding options. Navy, red and purple backing. Deep burgundy Silky Throws. Take a look at some of our customers' favorite products to check out all the new colors currently available (Hooded Blankets, Custom Hooded Blankets, Ponchos, Extreme Blankets) or coming shortly (Silky Throws). Don't see a color combination you want? Drop us a line in email. Need a custom product? Give us a call to talk possibilities. We also offer embroidery and silk screening options.

Chocolate Cappuccino Furniture Covers are back in stock! November 11, 2016 13:59

We expect fabric to be delivered on Monday and will begin shipping Wednesday, Nov. 16. Yay!

New Furniture Cover Size For Couches October 14, 2015 14:26

We’ve introduced a new size Furniture Cover, specifically sized for large sofas. At 120” long and 70” wide, this sofa cover will thoroughly protect almost any couch. Compared to its larger 120x90 King-size cousin, the Sofa-size cover is a little easier to handle in the wash and will dry significantly faster. This new size will cover the full length of the seat plus the arm rests of most couches. It’s also wide enough to comfortably hang over the back of the sofa to keep it in place. If you don’t need the extra square footage of the King to do the job, give the Sofa Furniture Cover a try and let us know what you think.


Mambe Extreme Blanket a Versitile Piece of Gear September 22, 2015 13:18

 "Hi. I am a member of the Australian Army and purchased one of your blankets a couple of months ago for use out field. I usually try to give reviews on the gear that I buy in terms of how job-suitable it is for military use as I myself am always on the lookout for feedback on anything that will make life easier and / or more comfortable.

 Anyway, I found that your blanket was nothing short of brilliant! It is lightweight and easy to pack away without taking up too much space - and it performs: on my last field exercise we had some fairly frosty nights on sentry which were almost immediately made warmer with the blanket, it also doubled as a great sleeping bag liner which kept the colder nights nice and toasty. Having one side waterproof is also a great benefit as it can act as a ground mat and also adds an extra layer of water-protection to items in your pack. Additionally it is very durable - it has undergone some fairly rough treatment and is still in fantastic condition - clearly very well made. Also very easy to clean.

A great product, highly recommended for military use. Thanks a lot."

All companies love to hear good things about its products or service, but some stories just really put a smile on everyone's face here at work. We wish David many years of hardy and safe use of his Mambe blanket. Cheers!

What is a Mambe Blanket you ask? August 8, 2015 00:00

That is a great question!  It is — comfort and peace of mind!

We are always there to keep you warm and dry, whether (or should we say weather) it’s sitting in the bleachers at your kid’s sporting event, at a picnic where the ground may be soggy, or even in your own home. All of our products are waterproof and windproof, and they come in a variety of colors and styles to accomodate almost any situation, indoors or out.

Here’s a quick guide to different types of Mambe products:

Indoor Blankets
Reliably protect your furniture from dirt and moisture. We may have started our little company in the great outdoors but our products for protecting the inside of your house, car, or camper are some of our most popular products. We think it's because they are both effective and beautiful. Let's face it, life can be a little messy and we offer two types of protection for the furniture you live on most: Pet Blankets are made from two-pieces of fabric, bound together (much like our Outdoor Blankets). Furniture Covers are lighter weight, a single piece of fabric, and come in a larger variety of sizes. Either product is 100% guaranteed to protect whatever is underneath from any type of moisture - from overturned water glasses to "leaky" people and pets.  

Outdoor Blankets
We started with a single waterproof fleece blanket (the Essential Outdoor Blanket), designed for a wide range of outdoor uses: picnics, camping, concerts, sporting events, etc. We've added three more, each with its own warmth rating and price point:  The Essential is our original blanket, our all-around, mid-weight outdoor blanket. The Classic is a lighter-weight blanket ideal for sitting on, where staying warm is not a concern. Mambe Extreme is made with thicker fleece and has a heat reflective lining to help retain radiant body heat. It’s great for fall & winter activities, especially when the weather turns and the temps really begin to drop. And the warmest Mambe we make is the SuperExtreme, an Extreme (warmest fleece, heat-reflective backing) with a layer of Primaloft added in between.


Sometimes, regular outerwear just isn't quite enough protection. So we offer both a Hooded Blanket and a Poncho, made from the same great fabrics you find in our Outdoor Blankets. Hooded Blankets are like an Extreme Blanket, but it wraps you up, head to toe, in our warmest fleece. Our fleece-lined Poncho, made from lighter-weight fleece, keeps the rain off, the wind out, and your hands free. (We also have a Wheelchair Poncho and Wheelchair Lap Blanket, too.)

Boat Blankets
A blanket designed specifically for use on boats, Mambe Boat Blankets include a foot pocket along lower edge for keeping spray off and toes warm. Buy it standard or choose the option that attaches it to a boat’s retractable heat hose/vent. Warm air flowing trough the layers of the blanket will ensure your guests a warm oasis, out of the chilly wind.


We are excited to share the stories of Mambe Blankets with you and invite you to let us know your favorite way to use your Mambe too!

Til next time…

Mambe keeps Survivor competitor warm! August 29, 2014 00:00

A Mambe Extreme blanket kept a Survivor-like competitor warm and dry during a recent outdoor challenge and fundraiser in Maine! We made a custom size blanket for Rebecca because there were limitations on what each competitor could bring to the competition; but we’re thrilled she chose to use a Mambe and proud that it worked so well for her.

“Just wanted to let you know that my Mambe blanket literally saved me in the survival challenge this past weekend in Maine. I was one of the only players warm, dry and toasty and it bottomed out in the low 40’s! Thanks again for your awesome product!!”

Look for pictures of Rebecca in the linked news articles about the event, which was created by a real Survivor winner.

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