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Mambe Extreme Blanket a Versitile Piece of Gear

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 "Hi. I am a member of the Australian Army and purchased one of your blankets a couple of months ago for use out field. I usually try to give reviews on the gear that I buy in terms of how job-suitable it is for military use as I myself am always on the lookout for feedback on anything that will make life easier and / or more comfortable.

 Anyway, I found that your blanket was nothing short of brilliant! It is lightweight and easy to pack away without taking up too much space - and it performs: on my last field exercise we had some fairly frosty nights on sentry which were almost immediately made warmer with the blanket, it also doubled as a great sleeping bag liner which kept the colder nights nice and toasty. Having one side waterproof is also a great benefit as it can act as a ground mat and also adds an extra layer of water-protection to items in your pack. Additionally it is very durable - it has undergone some fairly rough treatment and is still in fantastic condition - clearly very well made. Also very easy to clean.

A great product, highly recommended for military use. Thanks a lot."

All companies love to hear good things about its products or service, but some stories just really put a smile on everyone's face here at work. We wish David many years of hardy and safe use of his Mambe Extreme Outdoor Blanket. Cheers!