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Buy the Holiday Gifts That Will Last

Buy the Holiday Gifts That Will Last

Hanna Piatt -

Now that Halloween is over, the holidays are officially here! We don’t want to start a controversy, but whether you are someone who puts up Christmas decorations in early October or someone who waits until the day after Thanksgiving, it is time to start thinking about your Christmas gift list.

It can be really hard to buy great gifts for your loved ones. According to USA Today over half of Americans receive at least one gift every year that they do not like. In 2021 it was estimated that around 8.75 million packages were returned after the Christmas season was over!

Gifts will continue to be an important part of the American holiday tradition. So this season don’t be a part of the statistics. Here are some tips for finding the best gifts that will last. 

Don’t Just Follow the Fads

Every season there are certain gifts that everyone seems to want. A few years ago it was the Dyson Air Wrap, the Ninja Airfryer, a Peloton bike trainer, silly trinkets from mall kiosks, and the list goes on. These sorts of gifts will eventually go out of style when a newer and better model hits the market. And these gifts most likely end up in the landfill. 

Although it can be fun to give the newest technology or product, sometimes it is better to find something that will last a long time. Giving gifts that help your loved ones experience the world around them are always great options.

A Mambe Cascade Jacket is an excellent gift for anyone from the home-body who enjoys walks to the outdoor expert. This jacket will allow your loved ones to get outside in comfort - something we all need - which is a gift that will keep on giving.

Think About Multi-purpose Gifts  

We’ve all been there before; we get an amazing gift that we’ve always wanted and we are so excited. Then as we go to use it, we realize it really can only be used in one way and for one purpose and we have to purchase another item or an add-on to expand its use. While these sorts of niche gifts can be fun, this year as you are thinking about what to give your loved ones, consider getting them something that can be used multiple ways and in multiple settings.

A multi-purpose gift is one you know will get used more than one time. 

The Mambe Essential Blanket is the perfect multi-purpose gift. This waterproof blanket can be used in so many different ways. You can take it to a park to keep you dry while you enjoy a pleasant picnic; you can use it to wrap up in to watch a son or daughter play sports; you can store it in a vehicle in case of an emergency. Really anything you’ve wished a blanket could do–the Essential Blanket can! It is the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast, the park-painter, the picnic connoisseur, or the full-time spectator in your life.

Buy Durable Gifts

Many items break, wear down, and fall apart at alarming rates. In our current consumer culture speed is often valued over quality. One way you can make sure you get your loved ones fantastic gifts is by making sure you get them something that will last.

You will want to look for products that are made of quality materials. Sure, you may end up paying a bit more upfront, but the higher-quality materials mean the product will last twice as long. This is especially true for textiles, outdoor gear, and cooking supplies.

If you have found a product that is made out of durable materials that will last, check to see if the company will stand by its product. Is there a warranty on the product? Some of the best companies will stand by their product for the entire lifetime of that product. This tells you that even if the worst were to happen the company believes in what they’ve made enough to get you a new one if it breaks. This should indicate to you that you’re about to buy a quality gift that will probably last a long time.

An added bonus to a quality gift is if the company is willing to repair day-to-day wear and tears. If there is a small rip in fabric, a minor break in a plastic, or any other small breaks you don’t have to throw out the item! You can simply get it fixed up as good as new! This will not only keep your waste to a minimum, but also help you get the most out of a product. 

The Mambe Guarantee

Here at Mambe, we believe in our products. We offer one of the best warranties you can find: We guarantee that our products are free of material and manufacturing defects for as long as you have it. We are also more than willing to help you repair any rips or frays that occur in the day-to-day use of your Mambe. Just reach out and our skilled team will make it good as new for you!

Shop Small

At this point, you have most likely heard the adage “Shop Small” before. But why should you? There are countless reasons, but here is a short list: 

  • Small businesses will support and give back more to your local community - Research has shown that around 48% of revenue from small businesses is circulated locally. This is good for everyone! Mambe Blanket Co. believes in giving back, which is why we make regular donations to local homeless shelters and pet rescue organizations!
  • You will get a more personal customer experience - Small businesses are more likely to give you better customer service than a large retailer, and are more likely to help you resolve any issues or damages that you might run into with their product. 
  • Small Businesses are good for everyone - Small businesses account for around half of the jobs in the United States. The more you support them, the more job opportunities you could help them create. 

This holiday season, consider avoiding Amazon and look for a small business that you can purchase from!

Give the Gift of Warmth

If you are having a difficult time coming up with ideas for your loved one who seems to have it all - give the gift of warmth! Helping you stay warm and dry is what we do here at Mambe, and we have the perfect gift for anyone! Is your loved one active? Get them the Cascade Jacket so they can move around in perfect comfort. Is your loved one a full-time fan? Grab the Hooded Blanket so they can stay warm and dry while cheering their hearts out. Is your loved one a pet fanatic? The Furniture Cover or Non-Slip Pet Blanket are perfect items for them to protect their home from muddy and shedding pets. Does your loved one like to stay inside during the winter months? The Polartec Throw is a perfect gift. With 6 unique patterns they can cozy up by the fire in perfect style and comfort. 

We have something for everyone! Shop Mambe this holiday season and cozy up anywhere!