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From summer picnics to cold weather camping and boating, we've got your covered.


There are few items as critical as a good waterproof blanket when camping out in the wild - or in your back yard. Bring a Mambe and be prepared.

Essential Outdoor Blanket - a great all season blanket perfect for camping in mild weather.

Extreme Weather Blanket - a warmer version of the Essential blanket, this one is designed to help retain body heat in colded conditions.

Super Extreme Blanket - ideal for hard core winter camping or those who just enjoy that extra warmth at night.

Picnics, Concerts, & Movies

Who doesn't enjoy spending time outdoors with family and friends? However, when the ground is wet, an ordinary blanket won't do. That's actually how Mambe was born - the need for a blanket that could be spread out on any surface no matter how wet, muddy, or cold to create a soft dry oasis.

Essential Outdoor Blanket - the original Mambe blanket, amazingly durable, versatile, and effective in so many of life's adventures.

Emergency Preparedness

A critical component of any emergency preparedness kit is a warm blanket. Whether the kit is in you car, home, or office, a versatile blanket could ultimately mean the difference between life and death in extreme circumstances. Prepare yourself or loved ones with a Mambe cold weather blanket.

Extreme Weather Blanket - a versatile and warm blanket perfect for emergency kits.

Super Extreme Blanket - an weather proof comforter with Primaloft insulation ideal for bitterly cold situations.