Non-Slip Pet Blanket

Non-Slip Pet Blanket

The new Non-Slip Pet Blanket is similar to the Silky Waterproof Throw, but with an anti-slip fabric on one side.  This fabric is covered with grippy dots that prevent it from sliding off of smooth leather furniture.  In fact it will stay put on almost any surface, including auto seats and hard wood floors.  The top layer is a luxuriously soft long fiber fleece, super comfortable for both pets and people to sit on.  Made in the USA and guaranteed for life.


  • Anti-Slip backside to keep the blanket in place, Silky fleece on top layer
  • 100% Waterproof (Urine too)
  • Protects auto seats, furniture, and floors from dirt, odor, wetness, and general wear & tear
  • Soft and silent, not "crinkly" or "plasticky" 
  • Machine wash warm / dry on low
  • Currently available in 3 sizes (see below)
  • Proudly sewn in the USA
  • Guaranteed for life






Lrg Seat 2Pack

30" x 30" 3 lb $39
Long Seat 30" x 70" 4 lb $39
Throw 70" x 70" 5 lb $79


  • Polyester Microfleece
  • Anti-Slip silicone dots