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The right equipment makes all the difference.  Mambe blankets keep athletes and fans warm and comfortable in any conditions.

Dedicated Fans

Are you a dedicated fan who's going to be at the game no matter what the weather?

Hooded Blanket - Our most popular product for staying warm outdoors. It's a blanket that fits your body, with a hood for your head and pockets for your hands.

Extreme Blanket - A versatile, warm, and waterproof stadium blanket.

Super Extreme Blanket - Just like the Extreme but with extra insulation for bitter cold conditions.


Keeping athletes warm in cold conditions is essential to optimizing performance and avoiding injury.

Hooded Blanket - Perfect for many sports including lacrosse, soccer, baseball, skiing, swimming, etc.

Cascade Jacket - a full length insulated jacket perfect for those using their arms - coaches, referees, athletic trainers, etc

Sideline Cape - Designed specifically for football players with shoulder pads.

Water Sports

Wake boarding, water skiing, surfing, swimming are all awesome activities that have the potential to sap your body heat. Be prepared.

Boat Blanket - Stay warm on your boat and connect heater hoses for ultimate warmth.

Hooded Blanket - Warm up quickly with a blanket that covers your head and has big pockets for your hands.

Extreme Blanket - A versatile, warm, waterproof and windproof blanket.

Adventure Sports

Depending on the sport and the situation, having the right blanket can make a huge difference.

Essential Outdoor Blanket - An all season all reason blanket perfect to throw on the ground to stage gear, change clothes, or recover.

Extreme Weather Blanket - Similar to the essential but warmer - try sport diving, sailing, wind surfing in colder weather.