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Dogs, cats, and other pets are hard on your home.  Mambe blankets can protect your furniture and give you peace of mind.

Check out the scenarios below to choose the right blanket for you and your companion.

Dogs in your home

There is no denying it - dogs are hard on your home.  But they're beloved family members and we find a way to deal with the mess that follows them - whether they're 8 week old fur balls still house training or older pups struggling with health issues.

Furniture Cover and Silky Waterproof Throw - reliable waterproof protection for all types of furniture or bedding.  

Non-Slip Pet Blanket - ideal for slippery leather furniture, car seats, or even hard wood floors.

Pet Bed Cover - a stylish waterproof cover for dog beds so you can easily wash the cover, not the entire bed. 

Pokey Bowl - a collapsible water/chow bowl for dogs on the go.

Cats - wherever they want to be...

Cats lead their day on their own terms, and sometimes that includes marking, peeing, vomiting, grooming, etc. on whatever furniture they choose.  While it may be tough to reason with them, you can protect your furniture with a waterproof blanket.

Furniture Cover and Silky Waterproof Throw - reliable waterproof protection for all types of furniture or bedding.  

Other pets

A waterproof blanket can make life easier caring for pets of all sorts and sizes.  Some just like to make a mess (like birds) and some have occasional accidents (like house rabbits).  

Furniture Covers and Silky Waterproof Throws - A good example is smaller blankets underneath cages or kennels.