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How to Manage Muddy Pets

How to Manage Muddy Pets

Hanna Piatt -

Although this warm fall has felt like it will never end, the inevitable change in seasons is here. Whether you are in the rainy Pacific Northwest, or snowy parts of the country, we all know what is coming: MUDDY PETS.

There is no denying that you love your pet. They bring so much joy and fun into your life. But it can be so frustrating when you let them outside for a quick potty and they come back inside soaked and covered in mud - and ready for a cuddle on the couch. Or when a simple walk turns into a mud bath and you have to figure out how to get them in the house without covering every surface in slime and sludge.

Here at Mambe, we love our pets and we have managed their muddy and soggy paws for years. Here are some of the things we recommend to help ease the anxiety of muddy floors and ruined furniture.

Have a Plan

Muddy dog paws on white fabric.

This may sound like the most obvious thing, but thinking through your home and how you want your pet to enter it will help ease the mess of this soggy season.

  1. Think through your home and your point of entrance. 
    1. After a walk will your pet come in through your garage? A mud room? Your main entrance? Where does your pet get let out to go to the bathroom? A sliding door? Your front door? Once you know the areas your pet will be re-entering your home, you can begin to gather the items you will need at these points of entrance.
  2. What items make the most sense at each entrance? 
    1. Are you able to have a basket filled with towels for easy access by the door? Does a paw cleaner make sense for your pup? If so, you can fill a basket with everything you need for an easy entrance - be sure to leave room for treats to reward your pet! If there isn’t room for a basket near your entrance, think through how you will manage your pets’ entrance. Laying out a Mambe Non-Slip Pet Blanket is a great way to protect your floors while you get towels or paw wipes

Once you have thought through all possible scenarios for your home, stick to your plan. Do the same thing every time so that your pet can learn what is expected of them after a romp in the mud or rain.

Microfiber Beats Cotton - Always

When thinking about what sort of towels you want to use to dry your pup off, know that microfiber will change your life. Cotton tends to absorb water, but then it stays there and begins to smell - and no one loves that unique wet dog smell. Microfiber towels are designed to dry quickly as well as absorb more water than your average cotton towel. 

Trust us, investing in a few microfiber dog towels will change the game when it comes to the rainy season!

Protect Your Furniture

Muddy dog prints on carpet and cocker spaniel culprit

Some pets are not allowed on furniture, and are so well trained that they know not to even try - if this is the case for you you will only have to worry about protecting your carpets and floors from your muddy pals' paws. But many pet owners know the struggle of keeping their furry friends off of the furniture, especially when they want to cozy up after being in the rain or snow. When it comes to these wet seasons, it is so important to help your pets by protecting your furniture. 

Because we have pets of our own, the Mambe family knows this struggle well. So we designed several indoor blankets specifically with this problem in mind. Our Furniture Cover is the ultimate protection from your muddy and soggy pets. It is 100% waterproof without that plastic feeling so you and your pet can curl up in comfort. They are easy to clean, and will not slip off like some blankets would.  With 10 different sizes to choose from you rest assured that your furniture will be protected from your pets.

Make it Fun

Some dogs can’t sit still for being dried off, or they seem to hate it. If this is your pet, try to turn being toweled off into a game. Teach them to sit and let their paws be cleaned - give them treats through the whole process. Pat them down with the towel while pretending you’re just petting them. Your pet may want to lean on you, and we recommend you let them. 

If your pet sees being towel dried as a way to connect with you, they will be more willing to sit through the process!

Muddy Pro-Tips

Here are some quick pro-tips from years of experience in rainy weather - for both you and your pets

  • Use items that are easily washable 
  • Only use towels you don’t mind getting dirty/smelly
  • Have hooks free for hang drying coats, towels, and leashes
  • Invest in rubber mats for wet shoes, paw cleaners, and other soggy items
  • Get some waterproof shoes for yourself that are easy to take on and off (the easier your shoes are to remove, the easier re-entering your home will be)
  • Reward your pets anytime they sit still for being dried off/cleaned up
  • Make sure your furniture/beds/floors are protected with a waterproof blanket, and consider multiple smaller sizes rather than one large size to make washing/drying faster
Mambe's Muddy Pals - Some happy pets from the Mambe family

With the change of seasons approaching we understand it can be hard to keep your home free of mud and water. At Mambe, we believe in enjoying the outdoors while not sacrificing your furniture or your floors. Come into this rainy season with a plan and the right tools, and we know you will be able to enjoy your home and your pet that much more!