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Caring for your Mambe Blanket

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We continue to get questions about washing and drying Mambe blankets. So here’s a short course: we wash our blankets in the washing machine in cold/cool water with ordinary laundry detergent, and tumble them dry on low heat (or hang them to dry). Never use bleach.

Fleece is really tough stuff but it will “shrink” if it gets too warm. (Hold a hair dryer on a plastic grocery bag to see how synthetic fibers react to too much heat.) Some customers (and the staff here at Mambe) prefer to partially dry their blankets in the dryer, and then hang them to finish drying completely. Polartec fleece dries really quickly, so it only takes a little longer than in a dryer only, but hanging helps keep the fleece looking like new.

When washing a blanket or furniture cover that has been hit by urine, it is important to first thoroughly treat the whole spot with an enzymatic odor remover prior to washing the entire blanket in the washing machine. Odor eating enzyme treatment will prevent the nasty stuff from coming into contact with the entire blanket. That makes sense, right? Remove (by killing) the odor where it lies, so it doesn't spread to the whole blanket or cover via your wash water.