MAMBE FUND RAISING IS HERE! September 18, 2018 22:25

Do you, your team, or your organization need to raise some money?  We're launching a new fundraising program that makes it super easy to share Mambe love and make some money in the process.  In a nut shell, the program works like this: we give you a custom discount code; you share it as broadly as you'd like; people use the code to get a discount on the Mambe blanket they've always wanted; we track the sales from that code and then send you a % of those sales.  It's that easy. 

The money generated could go to your team, your organization, a charity of your choice, or straight into your pocket.    All Mambe products are part of the program, so even if you're raising money for your soccer team, there may be an extended family member with a dog who sleeps on the sofa.  If they they like the idea of a waterproof furniture cover to protect the sofa, a portion of that sale will come right back to the team.  Any and all sales will count toward your commission.

Interested?  Just contact us and we'll get you set up to start earning! 

Mambe Fund Raising