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How to Wash A Blanket

How to Wash A Blanket

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From frosty weekend soccer games to autumn camping trips to family movie nights, Mambe blankets are up for any adventure, indoors or out. But sometimes life can get messy. Mugs of hot cocoa topple in pillow forts, storms creep up on lacrosse games, and muddy mutts need a ride home after a day on the trail, meaning sometimes even the toughest blankets need a run-through in the wash.

Fortunately, it’s easy to wash your Mambe blanket. And with a few easy instructions, you’ll ensure yours stays clean and ready for any adventure over the years.

Outdoor Blankets

To keep fabrics fresh, spot treat outdoor blankets before throwing them in the washer. rawpixel

Mambe’s outdoor blankets are designed to be windproof, waterproof, and sturdy enough to tackle a range of al fresco adventures, from chilly fishing trips to open-air concerts under the stars. But when your go-to blanket needs to be cleaned, here’s the best way to wash off the post-adventure grime. First of all, you may not need to wash the entire blanket. Try tackling any problem areas by spot-treating stains with a dampened sponge or rag. But, if the whole blanket is ready for a thorough cleaning, it’s easy to do in the washing machine.

Before throwing your Mambe blanket in the wash, address any stains or odors caused by bodily fluids, like spots left by pets still in the midst of potty-training. First, treat these areas with an enzyme-based stain or odor remover, such as Nature’s Miracle. Once those standout spots and smelly splotches have been tackled, your Mambe blanket is ready to toss into the washing machine.

Wash your Mambe blanket separately, using a generous amount of tepid (ideally cool or cold) water. Use mild detergents (like All Free & Clear or Earthwise products) and avoid using any bleach or fabric softener. If you are washing a bigger blanket, it’s a good idea to check on it during the wash cycle, just to be sure your blanket isn’t bunching and trapping water. Larger blankets in particular may need to be repositioned while in the washing machine, so they are thoroughly and evenly cleaned.

Once your Mambe blanket is clean and spotless, throw it in the dryer. Tumble dry your blanket using the warm or low temperature setting on your dryer—and don’t add any dryer sheets to the load. If nature cooperates, you can also hang your Mambe blanket up outside and let the sun do the work.

Indoor Blankets

Tumble dry your blankets on low heat. rawpixel

From silky throws to sturdy furniture covers to cozy pet blankets, there are a variety of Mambe blankets intended for indoors—probably getting lots of use by the entire family, including four-legged members. And sometimes, accidents happen during rainy day movie marathons, lazy cat naps, or impromptu indoor picnics. Fortunately, Mambe indoor waterproof blankets are also easy to clean whether the culprit is a lingering smell or a stubborn ice cream stain.

First of all, just like cleaning Mambe blankets intended for outdoor use, be certain to spot treat any problem areas prior to washing your entire blanket (or furniture cover) in the machine. For any stains or smells caused by bodily fluids, first treat any spots with an enzyme-based cleaner or stain remover, like Nature’s Miracle. If needed, use a generous dose of cleaner to fully saturated pesky stains (and to keep any funky pet smells from spreading).

For stubborn stains or odors, blankets can also be pre-soaked with plain old baking soda. Fill your bathtub or washing machine with warm water, throw in your well-loved Mambe blanket, and add an entire box of baking soda. Let the entire combination sit and soak for at least an hour to let the baking soda go to work.

Once your blanket has been pretreated with baking soda or an enzyme-based cleaner, throw the blanket into the washing machine, in a separate load from other laundry. Just like cleaning an outdoor-use Mambe blanket, steer clear of using bleach or any harsh laundry detergents. However, you can also add a liberal dose of baking soda or any enzyme-based cleaner to the wash, along with your detergent of choice, to treat pet-soiled blankets—especially for those obstinate spots marked by household felines.

Finally, make sure any stubborn odors are gone before drying your Mambe blanket. If possible, let your blanket air dry in the sunshine—but keep an eye out for birds ready to answer the call of nature on your freshly cleaned fabric! If you opt for the dryer, tumble dry on a low heat setting, and don’t use the dryer sheets.

And most importantly, take your Mambe blanket out of the dryer as soon as possible—your pets will want to nap on it while it’s still warm.

Written by Malee Baker Oot for Matcha in partnership with Mambe Waterproof Blankets.