How to Choose Between Pet/Furniture/Silky Products May 01, 2018 11:46

Let’s start with how all the indoor products are the same: same waterproof barrier, polyester and nylon fibers, same lifetime guarantee, same machine wash/dry, same designed and sewn here in the USA.

So feel free to use any of the three products (Furniture Cover, Silky Throw or Pet Blanket) to protect your furniture from either leaky pets or people.

The differences have mostly to do with colors and sizes.

Furniture Covers consist of 3 layers (2 layers of microfleece and 1 waterproof membrane) laminated together. It looks and acts like a single piece of fabric, is the lightest weight and/or coolest (to sit on or lie under) of the three indoor products. Viewed from the side it is barely ¼-inch thick. It has a cotton flannel feel to the touch, and comes in the greatest number of color and size choices.

Silky Throws are very similar to Furniture Covers: same 3-layer construction but the fleece fibers have been left straight. This makes for a thicker, softer feel. It is a much more “malleable” fabric, draping into cracks or crevices in a way that Furniture Covers don’t. Dries a bit faster in the laundry. Doesn’t seem to hang onto pet hair/fur.

Pet Blankets are the original indoor Mambe product. We sew a piece of premium quality PolarTec fleece to another piece of microfleece that has been laminated to its waterproof barrier. The thickest and warmest indoor product, PolarTec fleece can provide older people and animals with a little more support under older, achy bones.