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7 Ways to Enjoy a Snow Day with Your Family

7 Ways to Enjoy a Snow Day with Your Family

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Whether you view a snow day as a gift from above (every kid ever) or an inconvenience, these unexpected days off of school and work grant families a rare chance to connect and recharge. With roads sometimes unsafe or closed completely, you may find yourself nestled in your home for awhile, so why not make the best of it?

There are many ways to enjoy the gift of a snow day, both inside the house and outdoors. Here are seven of our favorite fun snow day activities for kids and parents.

1. Bundle Up and Enjoy the White Stuff

First things first: The kids will want to play in the snow! Let them outside as soon as they’re up (today will be the only day you don’t have to wake them up for school), and you can all enjoy the winter wonderland until you’re cold enough to come back inside. Scoop up some powder in individual cups while it’s still fresh, and drizzle with pure maple syrup for a fun snow day treat.

Once you rush back inside, toss those outer layers directly into the dryer, because the kids will want to go back out soon enough, and you don’t want their snow pants, jackets, and gloves to be damp.

2. Make Pillow and Blanket Forts

Once everyone has warmed up, let the kids burn off additional energy indoors. Drape blankets over tables and chairs to create cozy tents and use cushions as walls. Use our waterproof throw as the “floor” to ensure your carpets don’t absorb any dirt from shoes, pets or wet clothing.

3. Have a Movie Day or TV Binge Session

Repurpose those blankets from your pillow forts to snuggle up together on the couch for a snow day movie or TV show. Today is a day of forced relaxation, so indulge! Let each child pick a movie title, put them all in a hat, and draw to see which is played first. Chances are, you’ll have enough time for at least two. Pop some popcorn or make hot cocoa to go with your movie selection.

4. Bake Treats

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies right out of the over on a snow day? John Dancy

There’s something extra cozy about a warm kitchen and the smell of baked cookies or cakes while it’s cold and snowy outside. Today is the day to indulge in that baking session you haven’t had time for, enlisting the kids to measure, read recipes, and follow instructions. Hey, it’s like a little taste of school right here at home during your snow day. Don’t be afraid to double up the recipes; you can always freeze extra batches of cookies and brownies for those busier weeks.

5. Host a Snow Day Bonfire

If you have a backyard fire pit, task the kids with shoveling it out for a snow-day bonfire (inviting all the neighbors, of course). Heat apple cider and hot cocoa in a crock pot or InstaPot and serve in reusable mugs for an eco-friendly take on a classic. Hand out waterproof blankets to sit on after all the lawn chairs are taken. Challenge the kids to perform skits, make snow angels, or have a sing-off.

6. Take a Snowshoe Trek

Snowshoeing is a great way to see the winter wonderland with your family. Greg Rakozy

Snowshoeing is a great all-family activity since it’s low impact while being great exercise. If you don’t own snowshoes, they are often available to rent at sporting goods stores or ski resorts for a low cost. The only additional gear needed includes snow boots, snow pants, gloves, and a jacket, which you probably already own. Set out right from your front door to avoid driving slippery roads on a snow day, and enjoy the way your familiar neighborhood takes on a new light while covered in snow. If you can’t use snowshoes, take a snow day hike, tugging young children along on sleds attached to ropes.

7. Have a Snow Sculpture Contest

Yes, you can create a classic snowman, but why stop there? Invite the kids’ friends over for a first annual snow sculpture contest around the theme of your choice. Maybe everyone must make a sculpture representing something in your hometown, or maybe you choose a Marvel or Disney theme, tropical island theme, or animal theme. Award prizes for not only the “best” sculpture but also the most creative, biggest, smallest, etc. Use waterproof blankets to move snow around quickly and easily; just shovel onto the waterproof side and transport!

Enjoy your snow day!

Written by Amy Whitley for RootsRated Media in partnership with Mambe Blankets.