Getting Pet Hair/Fur off your Mambe Blanket August 07, 2015 00:00

Every once in a while, you just need to get all the pet hair off your Mambe blanket. You could wash and dry it. You could use a lint roller on it. But you know what really works the best? Don’t laugh . . . wet/damp hands. Really. And believe us, Margaret has tried just about every product and technique there is out there in the 10+ years she’s been cleaning pet hair/fur off Mambe blankets. (The rest of us here at Mambe have experimented too, but no one has been doing it as long as Margaret.) Just wet your hands and lightly brush them across your blanket. The hair comes right off onto your hands. If your blanket is really covered with hair, start in the center with your blanket on a flat surface – table height will save your back – and work your way out to the edges. When your hands get “full”, just dust them off over a trashcan. A spray bottle with water is an easy way to keep your hands damp as you clean a big blanket with lots of fur. You should end up with a very clean – or at least a very de-haired – blanket.