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13 Ways to Use a Blanket on a Camping Trip

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From frosty weekends in the mountains to car-camping trips along the coast to extended expeditions in the backcountry, a Mambe blanket is a perfect companion on any camping trip. Both waterproof and windproof, these blankets are invaluable during chilly or rainy nights spent in a tent—and you’d be surprised just how many ways you end up using one. Getting snug in front of a campfire is a no-brainer, but here are 13 ways to make your next camping trip even better with the right blanket.

1. Make Some Shade

Is your idyllic weekend campsite being scorched by the sun during the warmest hours of the day? Need a shady place to escape from the heat for a few hours? Tie up the four corners of your blanket (a Mambe Clip Kit is good for this), and hang it like a giant sunshade to create a cool place to retreat from the sun’s rays. Alternatively, for an ever cozier way to escape the sun—and keep young campers entertained—hang your blanket from a section of rope and stake down the sides to create a simple, A-frame style tent, the perfect hideout for afternoon card games, pups seeking a quiet place for a siesta, or backcountry bookworms looking for a place to curl up.

2. Seat Covers

Was your weekend full of mud-slinging trail rides? Or soggy slogs with your favorite, water-loving dog? Spare the inside of your car from the messy aftermath of your weekend adventures, and turn your blanket into an emergency seat cover to create a protective buffer for dirty gear or muddy paws.

3. Camp Bed

Roll up that blanket to create the perfect camp bed for your dog. Jonathan Forage

Did you forget to bring a cozy camping bed for your favorite pooch? Fold your blanket into a padded perch for your pup, and create an impromptu backcountry bed plush enough to pass the “princess-and-the-pea” test. It’s sure to meet the standards of any adventure-loving four-legger.

4. Changing Table

Bringing babies into the backcountry or traveling with a toddler still not entirely sold on the merits of potty-training? When nature calls, fold your blanket into a cushioned pad, ideal for last-minute diaper changes on the fly.

5. Picnic

Need a comfortable place to break for lunch or snacks along the trail? Use your handy camping blanket as the cozy base for spontaneous picnics or lazy snack stops on long hikes.

6. Tablecloth

Is the picnic table at your campsite a bit weathered or bug-chewed? Turning your blanket into a backcountry tablecloth will gussy up even the most battered dining areas and create an aesthetic sure to lure even the latest-sleepers to the table for breakfast.

7. Pillow

During the mad dash out the door, did you forget to pack a pillow? Fold your blanket into a square to create a cushy spot for your noggin. If you’ve got a case of multiple forgetful campers, roll your blanket lengthwise to fashion a long, rectangular pillow capable of accommodating multiple sleepers.

8. Firewood Hauler

Need to haul a lot of firewood? Use a Mambe blanket to get the job done. Emerson Peters

Need to haul a hefty load of firewood to the hearth? To spare your hands and avoid the risk of pesky and painful splinters, fold your sturdy blanket into a makeshift firewood carrier when toting heavy loads.

9. Tapestry

Did you end up choosing an excessively blustery weekend for a campout? Securely and strategically hang your camping blanket like a classic, castle tapestry to create an extra buffer against chilly winds.

10. Hammock

Did you end up with a campsite perfectly tucked into a grove of trees? Tie up the ends of your blanket to create the ultimate relaxation station—a hammock capable of supporting young campers.

11. Medical Aid

A strong, all-weather blanket is more than just a cozy cover for nights under the stars. In the case of a backcountry emergency, a durable blanket can be transformed into a splint to help stabilize limbs, and it can even be repurposed to create an improvised stretcher for serious injuries.

12. Trampoline

With a little imagination—and adult supervision—a tough blanket can be reimagined as a backcountry trampoline. With adults holding all four corners of a sturdy blanket, tiny adventurers can be gently bounced into the air. It’s an excellent way to cheer up first-time campers anxious about in their inaugural trip.

13. Cozy Tent Floor

No one likes to feel the cold ground through the bottom of their tent. There is a solution: Use a Mambe blanket as a floor covering to turn your tent into a more cozy space. Not only will your feet thank you, but the entire tent will benefit from a layer of insulation between you and the ground with a tent floor blanket.