Clearance - Silky Waterproof Throw DOVE/BUFF

$ 41.40 $ 69.00

2nds Sale - 40% OFF

The Dove side of this item has some slight "marbeling" patterns in the fleece.  Soft texture and performance is not impacted.  The Buff side shows no imperfections.  Please note we are completely stocked out of 1st Quality versions of this blanket for the next 3-4 weeks.

We're excited about this wonderfully soft, silky waterproof throw. High-quality, long-fiber fleece with a 100% waterproof barrier.  Offers the same reliable furniture protection as its popular indoor cousins: Mambe Pet Blanket and Mambe Furniture Cover.  Easy to wash and dry.  Pet fur shakes right off.

Reversible. Available in three color combinations and four sizes. The Silky Waterproof Throw is quickly becoming one of our favorite blankets. Let us know what you think!

  • 100% waterproof membrane
  • Protects against any spill or moisture (even urine)
  • Ideal for: 
        - Couches, Chairs, Beds
        - Vehicles
        - Intimate encounters
        - Anywhere a family pet hangs out
  • 2-color reversible
  • Machine wash warm / dry on low
  • Proudly sewn in the USA
  • Guaranteed for life






Long (Sofa) 60" x 120" 6 lb $139
Large 60" x 84" 4 lb $99
Medium 60" x 60" 3 lb $69
Small (2-pack) 30" x 36" 1.5 lb $39


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