Furniture Cover

$ 189.00

Mambe Furniture Covers are new, lighter weight fleece blankets, designed and sized for all your furniture protection needs.  Whether you have pets on your bed, spill-prone kids on your sofa, or a family member with occasional incontinence, this blanket is an ideal solution.  Also great for protecting upholstery in cars/trucks/RVs or vacation homes/rentals/hotels.


  • Lightweight and 100% Waterproof (Urine too)
  • Up to 90" wide with no seams
  • Non-pilling microfleece on both sides
  • Fully reversible
  • Stays put on furniture, won't slide off
  • Soft and silent, not "crinkly" or "plasticky" 
  • Machine wash warm / dry on low
  • A range of sizes to fully cover any bed or furniture in your home
  • Ideal for
     - Couches, loveseats, beds
     - Upholstered chairs, recliners
     - Seating or furniture in someone else's home or public places
     - Wheelchairs, vehicles
     - Anywhere you need discrete and attractive waterproof protection
  • Proudly sewn in the USA
  • Guaranteed for life

Colors  (2 sided reversible)

Chocolate/Cappuccino will be back in stock mid-November!





Oversized King* 90" x 120" 6 lb $189
King/Queen 90" x 90" 5 lb $139
Sofa 70" x 120" 5 lb $159
Twin/Loveseat 70" x 90" 4 lb $99
Recliner Throw 60" x 60" 2 lb $69
Lrg Seat 2Pack 30" x 30" 1 lb $39
Med Seat 2Pack 24" x 24" .7 lb $35
Sml Seat 2Pack 18" x 18" .5 lb $29

 *Note that the Oversized King is very large and may not fit a home washing machine. It gets heavy when wet (lifting between washer and dryer). Some customers are better served with smaller sizes.

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